Quarkus is a framework similar to Spring Boot, but with an additional feature of delivering smaller artifacts with fast boot time, better resource utilization, and efficiency. It’s optimized for cloud, serverless, and containerized environments.

The goal of Quarkus is to make java a leading platform in Kubernetes and serverless environment while offering developers to unified reactive and imperative programming model to optimally address distributed application architecture.

Quarkus works on container first philosophy. This means that quarkus is optimized for low memory usage and fast startup times in following manner.

  1. First class support for Grall/SubstractVM
  2. Build time metadata processing
  3. reduction in reflection usage
  4. Native Image pre boot
  5. Unifies imperative and reactive
  6. Joy for developer as it is providing live reloading feature.
  7. It provide best breed of libraries which you can use.

Quarkus compatibility

Quarkus 3 continues (like Quarkus 2) to target minimal version of Java 11. The default recommendation for users will be to use Java 17.

Maven version should be 3.6.2 and above version is supported.

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