Now a days people are mostly search for What are good topics to blog about?, What blog topics are most popular?, Which blog topic is best for earning? etc.

There are more then 500 million active blogs on the Internet, accounting for one-third of all the websites published.

You can create a blog to inspire, to educate, or to connect with others. But blogging is not just for your readers. It’s also for yourself. There’s a lot of content that comes with expressing yourself in new, digital, Media, social networking forms. Finally, when you start growing your readership, blogging can become a sustainable stream of revenue. There are plenty of creative ways to monetize your blog as it grows, from affiliate links to banner advertising and sponsored posts.

Whichever your motivation, there’s one golden rule to follow: choose a topic you are deeply passionate about. After all, passion is infectious. The more engaged you are with your subject, the easier it will convey your ideas, opinions, and emotions—and embark your readers with you.

To help you get started, I have listed the top most popular types of blogs, plus real user examples.

Best types of blogs to create:

  1. Food blogs
  2. Travel blogs
  3. Health and fitness blogs
  4. Lifestyle blogs
  5. Fashion and beauty blogs
  6. Photography blogs
  7. Personal blogs
  8. DIY craft blogs
  9. Parenting blogs
  10. Music blogs
  11. Business blogs
  12. Art and design blogs
  13. Book and writing blogs
  14. Personal finance blogs
  15. Interior design blogs
  16. Sports blogs
  17. News blogs
  18. Movie blogs
  19. Religion blogs
  20. Political blogs

Food Blogs :