If you want to became successful youtuber then you must want to know that who has most subscriber on individual YouTube channel.

On this platform you will find some channels handled by a teams while some set out on an individual journey to run the show.

T-series is the channel who has most subscribers on YouTube. It is an music company in India with a 199 million subscribers and over 192 billion total views. Behind this success, there’s a dedicated team of professionals managing every aspect of their channel on YouTube.

But the challenges with individual YouTube channel is , you need to look and figure out everything alone to make your YouTube channel shine and successful. We will have a look at list of individual sensations who have the most YouTube subscribers.


2. HolaSoyGerman

3. Whinderssonnunes

4.Felipe Neto



7.Luisito Comunica

8.Luccas Neto – LUCCAS TOON